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Looking for Biology resources? Below are some links to important information about the class, instructions for current projects and ongoing assignments, and also the powerpoint notes for each unit of study.

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A) Class Information:

Online Textbook Instructions:
1. Go to : http://www.pearsonsuccessnet.com
2. Username: lakesbiology
3. Password: spartan
4. Browse the textbook by clicking on the dragonfly image

Online Video Tutorials:


Biology Scope & Sequence:

Lab Report Rubric:

Current Event Instructions:

Biology Tutoring Schedule:

GALE Research Database:

Unit Grading Rubrics:

Unit 1:

Unit 2:

Unit 3:

Unit 4:

Unit 5:

Unit 6:

Unit 7:

Unit 8:

Unit 9:

Unit 10:

B) Current Unit Assignments:

Ecology Diorama:

Exploring Various Evidence For Evolution:

Symbiosis Personal Ad:

Semester Review PPT:

Library Research Instructions:

Squid Dissection:

Interesting News Articles:
http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,479777,00.html (Scientists "create" precursors of living cells...)

http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg20126905.000-ten-extinct-beasts-that-could-walk-the-earth-again.html?full=true (Resurrecting dodos!)

C) Unit Notes:

Biodiversity & Life:

Ecology Powerpoint:

Evolution Powerpoint:

Prokaryote Powerpoints:

Chapter 7 Cells Powerpoint:

Membrane Transport Powerpoint:

Chapter 8 Energy Powerpoint:

Chapter 9 Photosynthesis & Respiration Powerpoint:

Cell Division Powerpoint:

Genetics Powerpoint:

Chromosomal Disorders Powerpoint:

Chapter 12 & 13 DNA Notes:

Mutations Powerpoint:

Genetic Engineering Powerpoint:

Chapter 15-17 Evolution Powerpoint:

Chapter 18 Classification Powerpoint:

Chapter 19 Bacteria Powerpoint:

Virus Powerpoint:

Chapter 40 Immune System Powerpoint:

Chapter 20 Protist Powerpoint:

Chapter 21 Fungi Powerpoint:

Chapter 22-25 Plants Powerpoint:

Chapter 26 Animal Intro Powerpoint:

Chapter 27-29 Invertebrates Powerpoint:

Vertebrates Powerpoints:

Rat Dissection:

Pig Dissection: